Monday, July 09, 2012


Day 1 of Centri-Kid is complete... the hallway is quiet and has been for an hour... and we are hoping that everyone is sleeping and resting up for an even busier day tomorrow. Our trip down was very uneventful with only one stop needed. Girls were in one van; boys in the other. I can't speak for the boys and their trip but our girls were great. 

We arrived at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar about 2 p.m. We were met by CK staff. I went to check us in... the campers and other sponsors got their t-shirts and picked their tracks. After a group photo we went to settle into our dorm rooms and were free to do whatever until dinner at 5:45. 

I seemed to have spent all of my time making sure our campers were reminded of everything they needed and I forgot many things - a pillow and towels just to name two of them. A pillow was found in the preschool wing at church. I made a quick trip to Walmart for towels and a pillowcase. And now it's time for bed and I can't find the pillowcase. I think the heat has gotten to my brain and fried it.

After dinner it was CELEBRATION with loud music... loud cheering... loud games... yeah, everything is loud during certain parts of the day. The kids went to their BIBLE STUDY while the leaders were given many, many instructions. Thankfully, I'm a detailed person and have it all written down - guess I should have done that about towels and pillows. The last thing each evening is CHURCH DEVOTIONS where just our group gets together for a time of sharing and exploring more of what it means to have a relationship with Christ. 

Here are a few photos from today that I took with my iPhone. We will have better ones from our cameras as the days go by...

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