Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VACATION... Part 1

Malikas arrived from the Isle of Man on Friday evening, Sept. 18. We hit the road after church on Sunday, Sept. 20. Our first stop was Jackson, TN, where my sister and her husband live. They manage a retirement home there. I asked my sister why they ever decided to do such a thing. Her answer? "They give me a place to live, pay my utilities, give me 3 meals a day and once a week someone comes in to clean my house. What's not to like?" I did learn that a lot of stress goes with the job as well. But they seem to be happy and to like what they do. I'm very happy for them. On Monday morning, we went to Milan, TN, to see Marc. For those who don't know that are reading this, he's my nephew who was in a car accident and has been left in a semi-vegetative state. He seems to know when someone is there... and seems to be trying to respond with his eyes when someone talks to him. I pray that God will someday restore his brain.

After a delicious lunch (catfish sandwich) at the Wall Street Grill, we headed to my mom and dad's in Booneville, MS, for a couple of days. We celebrated my mom's birthday on Monday evening at Chili's with my dad, my sister, Bev and her husband and youngest son. We all had plenty to eat with lots of laughs and good conversation. On Tuesday, I took Malikas to some of my old stomping grounds. I found my old dorm even though the campus is at least twice the size from when I was there. Then we went to a little town called Saltillo for lunch. Malikas had seen a commercial on TV for Bishop's BBQ and since she's a BBQ nut, we decided to give it a try. Talk about good... it was THE best BBQ I've ever eaten. We shared a sampler platter so we could try almost everything... brisket (so tender), pulled pork (so tasty), ribs (fall off the bone kind)... and sides were gator tators (homemade potato chips), fried okra, fried green tomatoes. OK, not the healthiest meal... and we couldn't eat it all... but oh, so good!!! After lunch, we drove through the little town where my grandparents lived and I was surprised by all the empty stores. However, the most heartbreaking was going by my grandparents' house. It was sold a few years back and it has not been taken care of at all. Peeling paint, shutters falling off, grass and brush that needs cutting... almost made me cry. Seeing my dad made me sad, too. He often gets up and then falls and unless someone is there to catch him, nothing stops him. He has a genetic disorder called spinocerebellar atrophy syndrome. I'm a fixer so I want to take care of it and fix it and make it all better... but I can't. In fact, there is nothing anyone can do and that is very, very hard. However, he still has his sense of humor and his great smile. My dad loves the Lord and knows that God is in charge of his life. He did ask Malikas if she could move in because she jumps up and can catch him sooner than most. :-)

Malikas and I left Wednesday morning for the coast. That will be Part 2 at a later time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

TWIML #5 (This Week in Moppy's Life)

Sitting: on my bed... late on a Saturday night and thinking about the week behind and the week ahead.

Waiting: for Malikas to arrive on Friday night. Hope this week goes by really fast.

Glad: for a beautiful day... went to Busch Wildlife with Charlie and had a picnic and then he shot his bow as it's almost bow season for deer. Seems as though he's a really good shot even though he had to switch to his left hand because of his eye. Glad: that my broken tooth only needed a minor repair with putty-like stuff and not a crown.

Needing: to get a lot done this week since I'm going on vacation next week. My office looks like a tornado came through but it usually does at the busiest of times.

Reading: same-o, same-o... wish I had more time to just sit and read.

Avoiding: I don't know... I don't think I'm avoiding anything at the moment. Well, maybe I'm avoiding doing a couple of bulletin boards that need some creativity. I think I should "hire" Marqie... hers always look so cool.

Enjoyed: a busy, crazy week... first night of Awana was Wednesday... had approximately 184 kids and leaders... so cool! Enjoyed: reading Calen's new blog. She's Chris' girlfriend and is studying in Egypt this year.

Preparing: for 2 meetings on Sunday afternoon - Children's Ministry Team and a Safety & Security Parent's Meeting. Also preparing for KidZone Worship lessons through the first Sunday of October.

Drinking: nothing
Snacking: on nothing... getting too late.

Trying: not to miss Sara too badly. She's in North Carolina catching up with her teammates from Nigeria, then on to Parkwood Baptist to speak at their Global Impact Conference.

Ending: with a list of things to be done this week but thankful for a team and an assistant that helps me. God is indeed good!!

Misc. stuff: Went to Chick-fil-a on Thursday to help support the BJC Hospice program. We have a family at church whose youngest son was part of the program before he died. His big brother, Jake, headed up the fundraiser at the Chick-fil-a in Chesterfield Valley. I hope it went well for him.

We spent Friday evening with Sammy and Lizzie while Jason and Jenny went to a wake. As you can see in the pictures at the beginning we had fun!!! Here are a couple of funny stories:

The kids are eating M&M cookies before going to bed...
Sammy: I like cookies.
Lizzie: Me, too.
Sammy: but fruit and vegetables are better for you.
Lizzie: I like cookies.
Moppy: what is your favorite fruit?
Sammy: Hmmmmm…
Moppy: do you like bananas?
Sammy: No, I’m not a fan of bananas.
Lizzie: I like chocolate chips.
Moppy: I didn’t know chocolate chips were a fruit.
Lizzie: They are. I’m a fan of chocolate chips.

The kids like putting on Poppy's glasses. They know he puts them on to read or look at something up close. Here's a funny Lizzie story...
Lizzie: Moppy, do you want me to take your shoes off?
Moppy: Sure, that’ll be OK. (So she begins to untie my shoes but one of them ends up in a knot and she’s not able to get it untied.)
Lizzie: Poppy, I need your glasses so I can see better to take off Moppy’s shoes. :-)
Cardinals have lost 2 in a row to the Braves... shouldn't have happened. Hopefully, we can win at least one game of the series on Sunday. Mizzou Tigers pulled one out... a game that should not have been a problem for them.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Sitting: on my bed... it's been a very restful afternoon and evening... and much needed after a busy, crazy morning.

Waiting: for God to answer prayers for Malikas and Sara...

Glad: for a job that I love where I can impact kids, share God's love, help parents lead their kids to a faith in God, work with great volunteers. Also Glad for answered prayers with folks continuing to volunteer to be Awana leaders. And also Glad: for a negative biopsy...

Needing: self-control and patience in this weight loss effort... found out this week that one of the meds I'm taking can add 20-30 pounds and not come off until one is off it. Grrrrrr....

Reading: "Truth Seeker" by Dee Henderson. It's a series Sara got me hooked on. Also reading "Life on Planet Mom" but that will be a continuing process since it's what I'm facilitating in MOPS this year.

Avoiding: anything fried... or at least trying...

Enjoyed: KidZone Worship this morning... 36 kids!!! Woo-hoo!!! And a superb bunch of volunteers to help me... Kendra, Kim, Eric, Jennie, Sara, Teresa... you all are wonderful! Thank you! Thank you!

Preparing: for the first night of Awana on Wednesday... we're gonna rock the House!!!

Drinking: grape Propel

Snacking: on nothing; just finished a late dinner... leftover salad from lunch.

Trying: not to mess with my broken tooth until I can get it fixed on Tuesday.

Ending: with thoughts of our fun Fall Kick-Off and all the kids who registered for Children's Choirs and Awana. What a great week!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jesus Cleanses and Calls - Tools @

For those who think they aren't "called" to serve God - read this... I know this is a pet peeve with me and I'm sure part of it has to do with my never-ending need for volunteers. But you don't HAVE to work with children to serve God - I just happen to think it's the best place to do it.

Jesus Cleanses and Calls - Tools @

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