Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Did you know I hate mornings? I really, really do... And did you know we have the noisiest shower ever? And that a camp like Centri-Kid would schedule breakfast for 7:45? Grrrrrrr!!!! But I was awake with a smile on my face and a song in my heart before 6:30 getting ready for another great day of Centri-Kid. After breakfast we began our day with a Quiet Time. Pray that campers will use that time to quiet their hearts and really concentrate on the devotion and Scripture reading for the day.

Our theme this week is GAME ON! Today's focus was from Daniel 1. Daniel's obedience points us to Jesus. Daniel was able to obey God because he knew God, and he knew obeying God was more important and beneficial than obeying man. So our prayer today is that kid's will make the wise choice like Daniel did. Leaders have a time of worship and Bible study just for them. This morning was a thought-provoking time about surrendering it all to Him. Was it a new concept? Of course not. Do we do that on a daily basis? Of course not. Really makes one think about how much control we allow the Holy Spirit to have and how much we try to do ourselves.

Timmy wins the prize so far for eating the healthiest meal. He actually had a green vegetable plus a salad for lunch. I was impressed... oh, and a plate full of goldfish crackers. :-)

Campers spent the morning at Bible study and Rec. Then it was lunch time with a really lonnnnnng line. Track time takes up the afternoon until 4 pm when then it was our swim time. Each church is assigned a particular swim day and time. Dinner came next with better choices - just my personal opinion... then PARTY! followed by a time of worship then church group devotion time before heading for bed. We have some very tired boys so I think they will make it to bed sooner tonight than last night. Here are some photos of the last 2 days...

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