Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Yeah, it's been a while... a long, long while... since I even opened my blog page. And it's not because I had nothing to say... I have plenty... and if you read our Christmas newsletter you already know what a tremendous blessing this year has been with many celebrations in the Wescoat house... and they were all a reminder of how truly faithful God is in our lives.

As usual, I began to think about New Year's Resolutions.
Oh that blessed time of year. When we determine once and for all we are going to change our ways and live up to the high expectations we have always had of ourselves. Ahh, what an inspiring–and often frustrating–time of year as we focus on our failures and shortcomings. The nature of the resolution is to fix areas of life that have fallen short and make plans (often in our own strength) to change them.

I really don't even like setting goals (even though my supervisor at church requires it of me) and dreaming about how my life could be different only adds to the frustrations…

But what I want to do is celebrate God’s presence and His goodness in our lives. And that was so evident this year - Mom & Dad's 80th birthday, Chris & Kayla's wedding, the birth of Josephine (Jodi) Hope, Chris' completion & certification as an EMT and firefighter, Charlie's trip to China, even a rescue dog named Skippy... as well as so many little things too numerous to mention...

As we focus on changing our habits: eat less, exercise more, floss daily…I think we should spend at least a little time remembering God’s goodness in other areas. Remember the triumphs, the successes, the breakthroughs. Remember the many times God’s faithfulness and compassion “saved the day” and changed situations for the better.

What are you most thankful for in 2011?

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